Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Testimonial - Cat Celebrezze

The appeal of cults is that you get to put all your hopes, dreams, talents, toward a very specific other, a deference which can be a relief for those of us who have a crushing need to feel productive in life. Never again will you accidentally come across your inner monstrosities or beauty queens loitering on the corner trolling for ya yas. Or ambushing you at inopportune moments with their angry fire-breathing or bored tantrums. They're occupied, dammit. In line and working for once. And really, isn't that what religion and/or art is all about? Getting all that messy human condition to work for you instead of against you? I suppose it's all a matter of degree. Regardless, if ever there was a candidate for cult worship/religious dedication/artistic inspiration it's Sparky. My induction into the Way of Sparkela was accomplished without even the physical presence of His Eminence. Simply the idea of Sparky's and his Fan Club was enough to get me, my inner Godzilla and Vanessa Williams together in a room, humming Tom Jones happily, and pumping out some laminated love. All three of us are now loyal disciples. - Cat Celebrezze

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