Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Testimonial - Carol Radsprecher

I met Sparky (hi, Sparky!) only once, when I dropped off my postcard for the Visual AIDS benefit the year before last. He made a very good impression on me: He was polite, friendly but not effusive, healthy-and-happy looking--an all-around GUD GUD dog! I'm hoping to see him at the show, if the admiration of hundreds is not too overwhelming for him and he chooses to instead stay home, snoozing (I can emphasize with that choice, too, since I, too, love to stay home and snooze). And I love the Sparky Project and love having had the chance to be part of it. - Carol Radsprecher

Friday, May 23, 2008

Testimonial - Sam Tan

I have never met Sparky in person, but judging from the wealth of art that has arisen from this very special project and from meeting Nelson, I am certain that Sparky is much more than a creative muse, but a doggie that every pet lover would love to own and cherish. - Sam Tan

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Testimonial - Micheal Harwood

I am honored to be a part of the fabulous Sparky Show - to be amongst so many talented artists, devoted to the canine muse incarnate. It may seem paradoxical to say, but you've created an island of humanity within the Chelsea sea of synthetic art. - Michael Harwood

Friday, May 16, 2008

Seen: The Beautiful and Glamorous come out for the Sparky Show!

Sparky wants to thank everyone who showed up to the Sparky Show opening - and apologizes for his delay in updating this blog (it's time consuming being an art star). The opening was a great success. Hundreds of Sparky fans turned up.

Seen with Sparky, include the lush-ous Albert Crudo, alluring Amy Sadao, beautiful Barbara Weissberger, cowboy stud Bill Donovan, rock'n Cat Celebrezze, doubly cute Catya Plate & Button, ever-clever Chris Clary, stunning Danielle Dimston, handsome David Abbott, talented Eric Rhein, witty George Towne, glitter-fabulous James Jaxxa, the fantastic Jan Harrison, radiant Janice Caswell, always entertaining Jeanine Oleson, angelic Jennifer Lehe, charming Jon Coffelt, outrageously talented Joy Garnett, hot daddy Kermit Berg, lovely Laura Gilbert, the amazing Lepson-deVries Singers (Erika, Marc, Dove and Zane), luscious Lizzy Bonaventura, the dapper Lou Laurita, exquisite Magalie Guerin, the accomplished Mark Chamberlian, scintillating Mary Button, the elegant Megan Cump, stupendous Meredith Allen & Iggy, hunky Michael Harwood, fierce Milton Garcia Ninja, engaging Noel Wynn, bewitching Rachel Farmer, suave Reyes Melendez, sexy Richard Presser, hottie Richard Renaldi, captivating Serge J-F Levy, titillating Stanely Stellar, hunkalicious Steed Taylor, classy Stefanie Nagorka, chic Vanessa Boer, the swanky William Powhida and many others!

Special thanks to Mark Thompson and Paul Sendzuik for all their help with installation.

Big Licks to all of you!