Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pitbulls for Obama by Amy Jean Porter

We love Amy Jean Porter and here is another great project from her! Send your address to her and you'll get a tiny print just like this! - amyjeanporter@gmail.com

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sparky for Obama

Sparky says:
Do you know the difference between a pitbull with lipstick and the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate?

The pitbull is less scary!

From the Humane Society Legislation Fund...

Gov. Sarah Palin's (R-Alaska) retrograde policies on animal welfare and conservation have led to an all-out war on Alaska's wolves and other creatures. Her record is so extreme that she has perhaps done more harm to animals than any other current governor in the United States.

Palin engineered a campaign of shooting predators from airplanes and helicopters, in order to artificially boost the populations of moose and caribou for trophy hunters. She offered a $150 bounty for the left foreleg of each dead wolf as an economic incentive for pilots and aerial gunners to kill more of the animals, even though Alaska voters had twice approved a ban on the practice. This year, the issue was up again for a vote of the people, and Palin led the fight against it -- in fact, she helped to spend $400,000 of public funds to defeat the initiative.

What's more, when the Bush Administration announced its decision to list the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, Palin filed a lawsuit to reverse that decision. She said it's the "wrong move" to protect polar bears, even though their habitat is shrinking and ice floes are vanishing due to global warming.

The choice for animals is especially clear now that Palin is in the mix. If Palin is put in a position to succeed McCain, it could mean rolling back decades of progress on animal issues.

Voters who care about protecting wildlife from inhumane and unsporting abuses, enforcing the laws that combat large-scale cruelties like dogfighting and puppy mills, providing humane treatment of animals in agriculture, and addressing other challenges that face animals in our nation, must become active over the next six weeks to elect a president and vice president who share our values. Please spread the word, and tell friends and family members that an honest assessment of the records of the two presidential tickets leads to the inescapable conclusion that Obama-Biden is the choice for humane-minded voters.

More details here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sparky say: Meet Carlos in Ankle Soup

Sparky want to share some exciting news about a fellow furry friend, Carlos the French Bulldog. Carlos has his own children's book - Ankle Soup. The wonderful illustrations are by Sparky's friend Alison Josephs and the story is by Maureen Sullivan.

Come meet Carlos at two upcoming events:
Tuesday, September 16 at 7 PM
Shipyard Park in Hoboken

Thursday, September 18 from 6-9 PM
508 West 26th St in NYC

For details on both events visit www.AnkleSoup.com