Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bad Haircut get worse...Sparky goes to the vet

Sparky's bad haircut experience just got worse. One of the cuts he got looks infected and is still bleedy, so I took Sparky to the vet. Sparky is not happy with me.

Sparky had two wounds cleaned and examined. Unfortunately, the groomer cut a skin growth on his tummy. It's a large cut and while the vet was examining the wound, she became concerned about the condition of the skin growth. She took some cell tissue samples, and we are waiting for results. Meanwhile Sparky is on anti-biotics and wrapped up like a little mummy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad Haircut Day

Sparky got a bad haircut today (okay, that's not him in the picture, that would have been better). Not only was the haircut not what I asked for (I requested a slight trim, not a summer buzz). It's still 40 degrees out, why would they cut it this short?!? But the worse thing is that they cut him in two different places, like, bleeding, ouchy, nasty cuts! I was really upset, and Sparky was even more upset (naturally).

He got his haircut at Kiki's Pet Groomers in Brooklyn. We have been there before, and in the past his haircuts have been fine, but this time it was a different groomer, and after this, I would NEVER go back again. Poor guy, now I got to go out and buy him a sweater.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sparky is big in Scotland!

This is from the The Scotsman Newspaper. (Sparky has never been to Scotland, but I friend emailed this to us...Sparky is truly an international inspiration!)

Randsom Top Tens: Inspirational Cats and Dogs
March 14, 2009
1 JOE and Josephine French poodles that belonged to shlock novelist Jacqueline Susann, the woman who gave the world Valley of the Dolls. One dog inspired the short story Along Came Joe, while the bitch provided Susann with the idea for Every Night Josephine!, which went on to be a bestseller.

2 Bimbo, Fritzi, Nuggi and Mys Marina Alberghini was so inspired by Swiss artist Paul Klee's love of the above-mentioned cats that she wrote a book, Il Gatto Cosmico di Paul Klee, in 1993, in which these kitties featured.

Bettina, Chundo, Fay Wray et al The world's most famous weimaraners have been endlessly immortalised by their owner, photographer William Wegman.

Taki Raymond Chandler used to call this black, female Persian cat (above) his secretary, and he always read her the first drafts of his crime novels.

Catarina Another black, feline muse, she belonged to Edgar Allen Poe, who took her everywhere and allowed her to perch on his shoulder as he wrote – notably, The Black Cat, which was all about her.

Foss Beloved of nonsense poet Edward Lear, this pet not only featured in many a drawing collected in The Heraldic Blazon of Foss the Cat, it inspired him to pen The Owl & the Pussycat. Lear only outlived Foss by two short months.

Tulip Skittish and untameable, this Alsatian was the light of novelist JR Ackerley's life – his devotion was almost pathological – and inspired him to pen the memoir My Dog Tulip.

Boatswain Lord Byron was so overcome with grief when his dog perished that he wrote Epitaph to a Dog: "Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed beauty without vanity, strength without ferocity, and all the virtues of man without his vices."

Flush Elizabeth Barrett's cocker spaniel and, allegedly, the bane of husband Robert Browning's existence, provided Virginia Woolf with all the inspiration she needed to commit the dog's biography to print.

Sparky Multi-media artist Nelson Santos lives and makes art with this adorable black and white mutt (above). Via The Sparky Project (, launched in 2004, more than 100 artists have created portraits of or tributes to this photogenic dog.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sparky says, please click below to help feed a hungry cat or dog...

Just one click helps to feed hunger animals through The Animal Rescue Site.

Each click on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button at The Animal Rescue Site provides food and care for a rescued animal living in a shelter or sanctuary. Funding for food and care is paid by site sponsors and distributed to animals in need at the Fund for Animals' renowned animal sanctuaries (including Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in California), pet shelters supported by the Petfinder Foundation , North Shore Animal League , and other worthy animal care facilities supported by the foundation.

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You can also copy and paste the above link in an email and ask ten friends to ask ten others today!

Sparky says he likes Ankle Soup...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pink dolphin appears in US lake

From the the
March 9, 2009

The world's only pink Bottlenose dolphin which was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA, has become such an attraction that conservationists have warned tourists to leave it alone.

Charter boat captain Erik Rue, 42, photographed the animal, which is actually an albino, when he began studying it after the mammal first surfaced in Lake Calcasieu, an inland saltwater estuary, north of the Gulf of Mexico in southwestern USA.

Capt Rue originally saw the dolphin, which also has reddish eyes, swimming with a pod of four other dolphins, with one appearing to be its mother which never left its side.

He said: "I just happened to see a little pod of dolphins, and I noticed one that was a little lighter.

"It was absolutely stunningly pink.

"I had never seen anything like it. It's the same color throughout the whole body and it looks like it just came out of a paint booth.

(read more here)

NOTE: Sparky loves pink dolphins too!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sparky is waiting for Spring...

Sparky is so over all this snow. He usually quite enjoys a romp in the white stuff, but today the snow was up to his waist and his ol' legs aren't what they use to be, so after kissing the snow with is face a few times, he was ready to go home...