Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bad Haircut Day

Sparky got a bad haircut today (okay, that's not him in the picture, that would have been better). Not only was the haircut not what I asked for (I requested a slight trim, not a summer buzz). It's still 40 degrees out, why would they cut it this short?!? But the worse thing is that they cut him in two different places, like, bleeding, ouchy, nasty cuts! I was really upset, and Sparky was even more upset (naturally).

He got his haircut at Kiki's Pet Groomers in Brooklyn. We have been there before, and in the past his haircuts have been fine, but this time it was a different groomer, and after this, I would NEVER go back again. Poor guy, now I got to go out and buy him a sweater.

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