Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sparky's Nip and Tuck

Sparky had a little tummy tuck* and ass lift* today...

All fairly minor surgery, but surgery all the same. The vet says it went well, but he is still recovering. He's been crying since he's come back home. The pain killers don't seem to be comforting him much, but I think mostly it's uncomfortable for him to lay down, so he is tired, sore and a little confused (not to mention mad at me).

If you would like to try to cheer Sparky up, you can send him a get well card, a happy drawing or say a prayer, of course, if you don't pray, you can just send him cash - that always cheers him up... Email Sparky at sparky@sparkyandnelson.com

* The surgery was necessary to extrude and blocked anal gland and also to remove a large lipoma on his abdomen.

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