Monday, July 7, 2008

Testimonial - Albert Crudo

The first time I met Sparky there was an instant connection. It was outside The Cat Club sometime in the 90’s- it struck me as funny, Sparky being at the Cat Club but after all, in those days he was everywhere. So anyway, there he was, an international superstar and, I guess, I just kinda fell into the role of star-struck groupie. He was surrounded by his posse of hangers-on, including that lecherous attention hoarder, Nelson, but the intense and immediately intimate rapport Sparky and I had transcended all boundaries and previous attachments. We hung out, drinking champagne, dancing the night away and later, when we were able to ditch the rest of his fans, he brought me to his inner sanctum, a private suite at the Waldorf that he kept just for when he was in town and well, the rest is history. We spent the night together and while it was the most amazing, spiritual experience of my life, when I arose the next morning, I realized the true, profound love we shared wasn’t going to be enough, I knew my fragile ego would never survive the constant onslaught of girls, boys and other 4 legged creatures constantly throwing themselves at the Sparkster (that relentless Nelson in particular)- so we shared a quick Soy venti latte and some Beggin’ Strips and I was on my way. But I will always cherish that evening as something magical- I was never the same. I LOVE YOU SPARKY. - Albert Crudo

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