Sunday, February 17, 2008

MySpace is NOT Spark'y friend

In Sparky's quest to make as many virtual friends as he can, he recently started a MySpace profile. It seem to be going well, he uploaded a bunch of pictures, was sending comments and even had 12 friends in two days, but then, out of nowhere, MySpace decide that Sparky was not their friend and canceled the account without an notice or warning!!! All traces of Sparky had disappeared and his friends were left wondering what happened?

When we contacted MySpace, the only reason give was “it was in violation of MySpace terms and conditions - which can include a number of issue (inappropriate images, excessive violence, racism, cyber bullying, underage user, etc)”

There were some pictures of Sparky without this collar on, but they were very tasteful and though he is a white dog, he has many other dog friends of all colors, and since he is 16 years old which is 112 in people year, I don't think his maturity is the issue...I just don't know what it was about. When asked again for a specific reason, Sparky was told “We do not keep records of removed profiles or images. Once an account has been deleted, there is no way to re-activate the account or retrieve any of the information.” ?!?

Well, thanks a lot MySpace, for wasting our time and crushing a little dogs heart. But no fear, Sparky is a trouper and he will makes his friends the old fashion way, blogging...

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